What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the profession of combining different visual elements focusing on artisting values and different forms of disciplines.  It is an advanced tool which is used for expressing one’s interests, desires and messages. It is a process which involves lots of creative moves  and originality. This profession is also called “visual communication” in some fields such as universities. It is basically problem solving in a visual way. It is a collaborative discipline which first involves photographers and typographers and then designers, and when these professions work collaboratively there emerges a unified profession which is called graphic designer.

The aim of graphic design can be different such as conveying a message to an audience or selling a product to consumers. In order to convey a message or sell a product, a graphic design has to be very effective, yet attractive, because if it does not say what it has to or if it is not to the point then it can not convince the audience, client and the consumer. This process has to have a previous period which is the conversation with the client. The designing process can not be done without knowing your client very well, because every costumer has different demands, and also without knowing your client’s audience you can not create a suitable design for your client, because you can not design a childish brochure to a businessman unless he is not a kindergarten owner.

People started to use graphic design very long time ago, pieces of graphic design are seen on the caves of Lascaux but at those times it does not have a name but nowadays it is a profession and called graphic design. This was the time when graphic design is unified with fine arts. Time after time fine arts and graphic desing are started to be seperated. Piet Mondrian, who is known as the “father of graphic design”, started to use grids resembling to the modern grid system, which is the same system people use today in print, web layout and advertisement. Who the expression graphic design originated by is not known but some of the sources says that it is from Richard guyatt and some says Addison Dwiggins which were both very successful designers.

The usage of graphic design among the area of interests is very wide that people may not realize what he or she is looking for is a product of a graphic design. It is used in website hosting, illustration, typography, photo editing, videos and copywrite etc. which are areas that people may create a link between them and graphic design. But people can also see graphic design elements in everyday life such as billboards, magazines, product packages, textbooks, newspapers, posters and etc.

To sum up graphic design has been used throughout history in almost every field of everyday life and it is not difficult to guess that it will be in use for some remarkable time.

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