A book cover

I wanted to share this book cover.

The author is Lydia Millet and the book is called How The Dead Dream.

Actually i didn’t read the book but i really liked the cover of it and i wanted to share it.

The reason i liked this cover is it looks three dimentional and original. I guess the theme of this novel is the death of a dream, so the left corner with the animals start with a bright light and then it goes darker and darker, and finally it unites with the black background. It gives the opposite ideas like dream/life and death using warm colors for animals and putting black for the background.

One of the reasons i liked this cover is its overall design looks perfectly balaced. There is a weight at the bottom with the animals espescially on the left hand side but the designer put the title of the book with upper case characters and then tiny 4 lines of quotation. So the animals and writings balance eachother.

It also looks very original because it is not like “a visual and a title” type of cover. It looks like a photograph of toys leaning to a wall, and also the quality of the photograph is really high though.

  1. That cover actually confused me due to its 3d looking. I am still not sure whether they attached some of the dolls on the cover or it is an illusion:) It looks really cool and I liked your interpretation about the color contradiction between the animals and background.

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