Barrio Latino

This is a restaurant in France called Barrio Latino.


It is a luxorious restaurant with four floors which is decorated with very bright and warm colors. It looks like a palace and also it looks like a photograph from a fairytale. It gives the feeling that you are eating in somewhere from “Alice in Wonderland”. When I look at this picture it makes me feel like when I go up from those stairs I will end up in a totally different world, and this goes the same in every floor, actually the restaurant’s concept is that every floor has a different bar and a restaurant.






  1. The first photo is like taken from The Willy Wonka Factory! Just like you said it is kind of a different world, the huge colorful arch being the door to wonderland ^-^ Although it is colorful and fun I don’t know if I would actually like to eat in there. It kind of tires out the eyes.

  2. The ambience of the place is just great. I liked the usage of color in every details which gives the sence of peace and fun together. 🙂

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