Print Advertisements

Here are some intelligent printing ads.

Shampoo ad:

Ad of German Sport Federation:

Pain reliever ad:

I shared these ads because I found them very catchy and funny. These ads are printing ads, so we can see them everywhere except TV. If an ad is not in TV, then it must be eye-catching and pull the viewer’s attention immediately and give the message of the product in a second. If the ad is humorous it is a plus of course, because if it can give the important information with a supporting joke than the ad will become more interesting. These ads have all the features that I explained. I liked them very much because they all have sense of humor, they are simple and clever.

  1. They’re all nice. Especially the last one, in my humble opinion, because I’m a proud consumer of that lovely medicine.

    Free commercial:
    It’s Alka-Seltzer and it magically takes away the nausea after a long night of alcohol consumption. Kills hangovers, to be brief.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved the usage of David sculpture as a medium for this funny ad. well known image creates much better effect to take audience’s attention. The others are also funny, nice sharing.:)

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