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Colored-Pencil Sculptures

These are some of colored-pencil sculptures of Jennifer Maestre.

You can check out her personal website for more info:


Jennifer Maestre started to do this kind of dangerous looking, mostly sea creatures sculptures when she was  in art school. At first she was makind them with nails but in her words “But I couldn’t get a lot of variations of form, or the kind of shapes I wanted” and then she started to use colored-pencils which could help her to get so many different shapes, and also it is cheaper. Designs are edgy and sharp, I find them very interesting and clever.




Intelligent stair designs

I found these two interesting and intelligent stair designs.

The first one is a design by Jordi Vayreda. It is a very simple stair design but it also looks really dangerous, for this reason designer put a thick steel stick in it to make it stronger and it is assembled to wall with this stick. I like it because it gives me the feeling that stairs are going to infinity.

The second one is a design by Levitate architects of London. This is my favourite between two of them because it is a really clever design and it is very useful. People use some mobile stairs to reach the top shelves of libraries and this design totally solve that problem. I think this design can also be applied to wardrobes because they have the same problem, it is very difficult to reach and choose clothes from high shelves of wardrobes.