Intelligent stair designs

I found these two interesting and intelligent stair designs.

The first one is a design by Jordi Vayreda. It is a very simple stair design but it also looks really dangerous, for this reason designer put a thick steel stick in it to make it stronger and it is assembled to wall with this stick. I like it because it gives me the feeling that stairs are going to infinity.

The second one is a design by Levitate architects of London. This is my favourite between two of them because it is a really clever design and it is very useful. People use some mobile stairs to reach the top shelves of libraries and this design totally solve that problem. I think this design can also be applied to wardrobes because they have the same problem, it is very difficult to reach and choose clothes from high shelves of wardrobes.

    • melisbalci
    • November 9th, 2010

    I liked the second one too. It looks like a strange library I like it. It is both clever and good looking. It kinda looks noble and elegant. And the first one is really minimalistic, and looking strange in a good way.

  1. The first one looks really dangerous for kids and elder people, but the stairs in the library creates a great solution for the people that have huge libraries. Maybe this idea can be used for big national libraries in the future.

  2. I like them! I would want the second one in my home. 🙂 It is very useful because the space is used effectively to prevent crowd.

  3. I liked second one, it really looks creative and I liked the idea of combining stairs and book shelves. As Fırat said the second one seems dangerous to me, not for only kids or elders. I would kind of panic if I had to use those stairs. However it looks nice and I liked the minimalistic approach.

    • zeynepselcuk
    • November 10th, 2010

    I think first one seems more elegant and chic than the second one but i guess no one prefer it in their home. The idea of combining library and stairs is very clever and useful.

    • barisertufan
    • November 10th, 2010

    The first one is kind of scary in my opinion because it doesnt seem secure but it looks elegant for sure. The second one is really useful and looks relly good. I would want that in my house but i dont have enough books. 😀

  4. First one really looks nice and relax me and like you say it looks like it is going to somewhere infinite. But even design is nice and simple, function is to simple too which means design do not follows function; you can not use at your house actually you or your child will going to fall down eventually.

    Second ones design is also adorable too* In contrast to the first one it looks really functional at the same the with a good design. You can spend your hours in there, it is like a room also. thanks for sharing with these with us. =)

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