Reactive Paintings

Shi Yuan applied an idea of giving life to passive things, such as wallpapers. He did an heat sensitive wallpaper using heat sensitive paint and in my opinion it is very creative. It isalmost like two different decorations in winter and summer.

Here is when the radiator is off.

And here it is when the radiator is on.

This is the heat table for flower shapes.

    • kutayc
    • December 29th, 2010

    i had a gi-joe figure once upon a time and it was heat depended color transforming just like we see here.. and this one seems to be a better way to use than that.. lol.
    one word.. i love it!

  1. Even though I hate flower wallpapers, I have to admit this is really creative!! They definitely should do more! not just flowers but I don’t know anything!!

  2. it is such a clever finding. I really enjoy when I see designers push themselves to create something very different from everyday objects. very nice and it is suitable to use in everywhere

  3. there were color transforming mugs once. approaching that idea to the radiators is cool. i love the idea but the execution (flowers) i don’t.. it is possible to find another way to execute that idea i guess.

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