Faceless Wristwatch Blends Geek Innovation & Style


I found these watches which are very minimalistic. They look effortless and extremely technologic, but infact they have the same function. When it is turned on it is a simple looking digital watch but when it is turned off it looks like a metal bracelet.



  1. I mostly do not like such metal watches which give me the sense of a gear wheel stand on my wrist. but this one is totally different I liked how they used it as a design element. I still not prefer to use it but it is definitely better that the classic one

  2. I like it. It is very simplistic and looks elegant and as you said it can be used as both bracelet and watch. nice find! 🙂

  3. Designing a classic metal watch like that is a very smart idea but ı did not like their appearence because they looks masculin but at the same time they look like bracelet..ı think, ı wouldnt buy a bracelet looking swatch to my boyfriend..i wish they design this for women.

    • zeynepselcuk
    • January 12th, 2011

    they seem very unique but as a watch, i think i would not be able to read the numbers because of the design:) using it as a bracelet is easier i think:) i also liked the masculin feeling and even if it had a masculing feeling it can seem good on women too.

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