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Gestalt Principles are methods used in design process to maintain the variety and also unity in the design. It means “whole” or “form” in German. It is about unifying different parts of the design to make a whole composition.  The major idea of Gestalt is that it says that people see different objects as wholes. For example when we see a square, we do not say that there are four lines and four angles but we say that it is a square. When we see a plane we do not say that there are metal parts and machines, it is a plane, because they work together as a whole, they don’t mean anything individually.There are three important Gestalt design principles which are; alignment, ambiguity, grouping and repelling.

Alignment is lining up objects or continuous texts or whatever used in that design, to create groups and also more importantly to create an order in the design. Another principle is grouping and repelling, this principle is important for creating different desgin groups which are working together with harmony. The third important principle is ambiguity. The output of the design process mustn’t be boring but also there can’t be objects that are completely seperate than others. Designer should do simple touches to create some excitement into project, but there shouldn’t be flying objects in the design. Also size is very important in this principle, for example if the designer want to differentiate two columns he/she shouldn’t do it with small touches but instead, there should be a big difference in their sizes. They should be either equal or very different, eye should seperate them immediately.

Here are some examples:

This is an example of Resanancias magazine. There used a 3 column structure, layout is divided equally to 3 parts, eventhough two pages are not same, you can understand that they are the the same magazine because it gives clues with colours and structure.

This is from D2B Design to Branding Magazine, in this magazine they divided the page to 2 columns. I liked this design because it looks very clean, they didn’t use so much colour but it is not boring. They used very clean typography, justified text looks very neat.

This is from Mono Magazine. This layout is basically divided to 2 parts, but those two parts are also divided into 2 parts considering the structure of the layout. Everything is calculated so it works very well, in one page they used four columns in another two columns but it is obvious that they are from the same magazine from the typographic elements (huge and upper-case letters).

This is Ling Magazine. This layout looks like divided into 3 columns, but there is a trick in this, it looks three equal columns but they are not, they wanted to make two equal columns and one big, or three equals, but you can understand it exactly because there is slight difference between the sizes of two columns and the another one, so there is an ambiguty in this page layout.

This is Image of a Company/1990. This layout is divided into 4 columns, In this structure there are 2 wide columns and two thin columns, despite the Ling Magazine the difference between two sizes are very clear so there is no ambiguity in this structure, thin columns are used for giving info basically.

Here are my trials.

In my grid system, i took 0,75cm as x and made all other calculations as its coefficients. Lila parts are indicating texts, pink parts are gutters and white parts are the area which is not in use and creates a frame. Purple parts are showing how images can be placed.

This is my strucuture:

These are image trials:



Dergi İçerik Fikirleri

Dergi İsmi: ke,  Beyaz,  Kopuk


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  • Eksik kalmayın (Yeni çıkan kitaplar / albümler / ayın sergileri)
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  • Christian Louboutin’le ropörtaj.

Before I Die

“Before I Die” is a project by Candy Chang who is a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people.

In this project she turned the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood into a giant chalkboard where residents can write on the wall and remember what is important to them. Before I Die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us.

Google Doodles

i love the way Google change its style due to holidays and special events. Although sometimes they change almost every letter, you can still understand that it is Google, they have a really strong visual identity that even people who don’t use internet knows its appearance.

These are some of my favourites

For the rest check out:


Birthday of Brancusi

Birthday of Thomas Edison


Discovery of X-Ray

Smart “Smart” Ads

Smart, Fits everywhere


Smart Brabus

I found these Smart ads very clever and simple. They basically give the message by an image and just a phrase. Smart!

Alessandro Pallavicini

Alessandro Pallavicini is an Italian graphic designer, he is in business for almost 30 years. He does graphic design, corporate id, editorial design, packaging, illustrations and web design.

A friend of mine showed me this man’s site and i found really good stuff in it.

Please check his site out:

Satirical Art Drawings

These are satirical drawings of Pawel Kuczynski. He is Polish, he graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. He is famous about his political drawings. I think it is good that he is dealing with social problems, he is doing it in a humorous way and make people think about it.

If you want to look his other works, check this link out: