Fedex – Express

This is not a brand new ad campaign of Fedex, it was actually in 2007, but i loved their idea of showing how fast they are.

They show you that you don’t even have to send a text message, instead, using Fedex is faster 🙂


Designers Toolbox

if you check out this site, you will find some very useful tools which helps our design process. They chose and put  together the basic tools that we need. If we know this site earlier, our life would be much easier, espescially for the envelope siize and styles 🙂

Faceless Wristwatch Blends Geek Innovation & Style


I found these watches which are very minimalistic. They look effortless and extremely technologic, but infact they have the same function. When it is turned on it is a simple looking digital watch but when it is turned off it looks like a metal bracelet.



Reactive Paintings

Shi Yuan applied an idea of giving life to passive things, such as wallpapers. He did an heat sensitive wallpaper using heat sensitive paint and in my opinion it is very creative. It isalmost like two different decorations in winter and summer.

Here is when the radiator is off.

And here it is when the radiator is on.

This is the heat table for flower shapes.

Bad Ads From The Good Ol’ Days

For more examples check this link out:

I found these weird ads while surfing. They are retro so they catched my interest but when I looked at them I was surprised. First of all the message they gave in each of them is very bad. They tend to inspire people to have bad habbits. Showing the cigarette choice of doctors may courage some people at least chosing that brand but I think that ad is an ad for stupids. Also the way they used women in these ads are not appropriate, they are very humiliating actually.

My World, My Way



These photos are from the new ads campaign of Allen Solly.

check out this link for more info:

The theme of the campaign is “My world, My way.” In these ads they combined illustrations with photographs. We see a man and a woman in their own world with their own attitude. It is good that they combined illustrations and photos because the transition from 2D to 3D look really interesting. It expresses the motto of the campaign. It looks like people coming from pictures to real life to express their feelings.


A Stage.

This is a floating stage on Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria. The Bregenz Festival is using this stage for shows and became famous with this stage. Verdi’s opera, “A Masked Ball” in 1999, featured a giant book being read by a skeleton.

It is a slopped stage so I’m not sure if it is comfortable to perform on this stage and even it is a really big stage almost the half of it is cut with the hand of the skeleton so there remains a little space to perform.

On the other hand as an audience watching a show performed on that stage must be very interesting and amazing because it is a magnificent stage and there is a gothic ambience that may attract the audience.