I’m gonna concentrate on the entity like The Body Shop so I made a research for its visual identity.

These are examples of body butters. We can see that they use very fresh and bright colors which are suitable with the product. Typographic elements are powerful. The overall design looks young and lively. They look attractive and make people wanna take them form the stand and smell them because with the use of such realistic visuals they look like cup of fruits.

One of them is a deodorant for men and the other one is for women. As you can see the use of color changed immediately when it comes to men, so that men do not feel like using a product for women. Also the shape of deodorants are different, the one for men’s edges are sharper than women’s.

If we look at Christian Dior’s visual identity, we can see that it has completely different idea.

These are some skin care products of Dior. If we compare them with the ones from The Body Shop, we can see that they are more elegant than them. The type they use for the writings on the product is more serious than The Body Shop, in this way they make us understand that this a brand that is high quality and expensive.


It is simple, there is only a typeface.

Calvin Klein is one of my favourites. Their design look very elegant and simple. They have a spesific typeface, they keep it very simple, there is only the name of the brand and what the product is, that’s it.

These products’ ingredients are totally organic, to express this feature they used organic and natural colors such as green, yellow, orange. They didn’t do them in a fancy way, they look serious.

Actually i liked the colors and the typeface they used, but the think what bothers me is the way the logotype written, they start from opposite ways.

I liked the logotype and the colors but the way how the text “Love who you are” written irritates me.

This is very similar with The Body Shop.

I really liked these ones. They are unique, suitable for every color and again simple.

They look messy and complicated. There is just too much information in the design.

I simply didn’t like them. They made me feel like they are shouting!


I asked almost every cosmetic shop and shopping mall i know in my neighbourhood, but everybody said me that hand lotions don’t have any special package for parcel packages, so i made a research for hand lotion packages so that i can put them in parcel packages without any distortion.

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